My First Child Co., Ltd. is a Thai startup-company. We were founded in July 2013 with the aim of providing media designs for Thailand market. At that time, we were strong in offering products for offline media such as brochures, newspapers, and etc. With our continuous adaptation to customer demands, later, we became one of website & application developers.

Our customers use interactive media as a tool to attract their customers and employees in various kind of activities and purposes such as create brand awareness as well as brand perception, brings co-experience between brand and customers, and many more. The audience is no longer a passive recipient of communication. They can “play and share” with the content while learning. At the same time, the organizations and brand owners themselves can learn more about their customers and employees’ ideas as well. From this reason, some of our products have been customized from our customers’ ideas.

In 2017, Fusion Solution Co., Ltd., a well-known software development company in Thailand, has joined us as the major shareholder. Since then, we have been able to extensively expand our business and stand out from an ocean of online media and come up with interactive media. We have gain a lot of attention from various brand owners and organizations as interactive media is the right choice for them.

Interactive media products could be in different form and display such as Game Sets, Photo booth, Digital Signage, and production simulation – Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and etc. They could also be customized according to the customer requirements.

We have many excellent game developers, game designers and programmers who are ready to give information and share ideas to our customers. More than that our after-sales-service team and technicians are always available to support our clients throughout the operations and activities.

Up to present, we have been supporting many well-known organizations in Thailand such as New Balance, Central Group(CPN), Singha (Beer), Pepsi, and Airasia. It is now that we are ready to expand our business internationally.